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Create account Hotmail is very easy and quick to do. What you must do is enter and follow a few simple steps to sign up and register in Hotmail.

Sign up Hotmail

Many people still continue searching in Google or Bing, “Hotmail” as Microsoft Mail, not knowing which is now called Outlook.

Create Account Outlook

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Outlook is the new name of Microsoft Mail. It remains like Hotmail. Even better. Microsoft decided to change the name and renew the mail, improving incorporating completely new options, such as the ability to communicate with our friends on Facebook. It also gives us the ability to perform many actions with fewer clicks. We thus have an inbox much cleaner and organized.

Now, we will tell you how to register.

Create Account Hotmail

Must enter the official site Hotmail, now Outlook. And for this they must enter or domain. Arriving at the cover, you will see in the bottom right where it says “Don’t have a Microsoft account? Sign up now
They get in there and then will access a simple form to be completed with all your personal data.
The first thing to enter is the name of how they want their account mail call, followed by the extension, which can be “” or “” or the extensions that are available in your country.
The next step is to choose a password, we always recommend that is safe, so you must add uppercase, lowercase and numbers.
They must then complete your name, city and country. We also ask for an alternative mail box and a phone number for coasos who forget or lose your password.

Completed these steps, if the name you chose for your gutter is not used and if all details are correct, immediately accede to the Outlook inbox and you can start using Hotmail.

I hope you have been helpful, and any questions can contact us.

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